TiKi Hut Boats

Cruise with Us!

Man and woman

Harbor tours

Our Harbor Tours are approximately 90 minutes long. We will be cruising in the calm waters of  Historic Salem Harbor.

hours of operation

2020 Season will be posted on April 1, 2020.

how much does it cost?

Our 90 minute harbor cruise is $35.00 per person. We can only carry six passengers and two crew members.

enjoy a refreshing cocktail

We have a full liquor license and offer a variety of refreshing cocktails and beers for sale on board. We also sell assorted soft drinks, hot coffee, water and snacks. We accept most major credit cards, apple pay and cash on board.

booking is easy

Just click on the "Book a Cruise" link on our home page. You will be sent to our safe and secure booking site where you can pick you date and time for your cruise with us. Once you complete your transaction with a major credit card you will receive a confirmation email with your cruise info, and that's it. Walk on customers will be accepted based upon availability and on a first come first serve basis.

on your scheduled cruise day

We are located at 10 Blaney St. in Salem Ma. There is public parking available but it is frequently full during peak hours. You may have to drive around several times or park on Derby St and walk back to Blaney St. Please plan accordingly. You should arrive at the pier and be ready to board 15 minutes prior to your departure time. We cannot wait for you and you will not be refunded..... so come early. There is a beautiful pier that you can walk out on and soak up the beauty of the harbor while you wait for you cruise. Please, don't miss the boat!! We want you to have fun with us!!