TiKi Hut Boats

About Us: The 1st and only Tiki Hut Boat in Salem, MA.

Captain Scott standing on the TikiTime, Tiki Hut Boat.

Meet Captain Scott

Captain Scott Paz is the owner and co-founder of Tiki Hut Boats Corp. Capt. Scott designed and built the Tiki Time over the summer of 2019.  He holds a 50T Master License from the USCG. He has fished the waters of New England both commercially and recreationally for the past 35 years.  Although his passion is offshore fishing,  he was quoted last summer on the Tiki Time as saying that after all of his years on the ocean "This might be his favorite gig so far as a Captain." harbor cruise tiki bar Salem

Woman driving Tiki Hut Boat. Tiki Masks.

Meet Karen

Karen is the owner, co-founder, 1st mate, drink slinger, clean up crew, witty, sassy, comedic sidekick  and wife of the Captain.  She has the abiltiy to make strangers feel like friends and you just might end up becoming one after 90 minutes around her. During the off season, Karen works as a medical assistant in a dermatology office.   Karen was quoted as saying "If you told me last January  that within the year I would be a 50 year old bartender on a Tiki Hut boat in Salem Harbor I would have said you're crazy.'" She agrees with Captain Scott that this may be the best gig yet. harbor cruise tiki bar

Corgi dog

Meet Piper

Piper is a 7 year old corgi mix. Piper was a big hit on the TiKi Time the few times she was aboard and will be a regular crew member in the 2020 season.  Piper has a sweet disposition and loves belly rubs, snacks and hanging with her favorite human, the Captain.  Piper was quoted as saying "Woof!" and that she enjoys belly rubs from strangers more than watching Lifetime movies at home. She also agrees with Captain Scott and thinks that this may be the best gig yet. tiki hut boat tiki bar Salem harbor cruise